Canada pledges support for international students in Diaspora

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The world is gradually recovering from the devastating effect caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Since the outbreak of this deadly virus, the normality of immigration procedures in every country has had major changes and updates.

All international travels were initially suspended for immigrants and citizens in various countries including Canada. This was a bold move to cut the spread of the coronavirus, and the severe impact on the lives of citizens. This meant that returning international students, or international students who were currently in Canada could not come into Canada or travel out to their home countries.

What Are the Changes and Support?

International students who have their study permit but could not make the trip before the lockdown or coronavirus pandemic outbreak can now begin their studies online and this time will also be counted towards the Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

Before the pandemic outbreak, students who took online classes from their home country were not eligible for the Post-Graduate work permit as it was not considered valid time in Canada. However, with the recent turn of events, IRCC made a series of announcements over the past months to allow online learning to count towards PGWP eligibility.

Those who are still in the process of obtaining their study permit but have not yet provided some of the requested documents such as biometrics data, medical examination reports, and others, will still be considered for a study permit.

Who is the Change For?

With the turn of the current state the world is in at the moment, the Canadian government set up a plan to support international students affected by the pandemic especially those who are outside Canada. The following categories of international students are eligible for this support:

  • International students with a valid study permit; or
  • International students approved for a study permit on or before March 18, 2020; or
  • International students coming from the United States.

Who Is The Post Graduate Work Permit For?

in recent times, Canada has come to value the decent contribution international students add to the country’s economy. And in a bid to retain students who studied and graduated in the country, the Canadian government introduced the Post Graduate Work Permit. International students after graduation have the option to remain in Canada and work with a Post Graduate Work Permit.

This would also help them gain some Canadian working experience, and the time they spent added to towards their permanent resident application status requirements.

What About International Students In Canada?

International students who remained in Canada, or those who could not travel for some reason may also continue their classes online and the time spent will also be considered towards the Post-Graduate Work Permit.

For those whose classes were canceled completely with no online classes option in place will still be considered for the program (PGWP).

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