Do You Know Canada Plans To Welcome 350,000 Immigrants In 2021

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Your dream of living and working in Canada may just become a reality. The Canadian government has announced plans to welcome over a million immigrant over the next three years.

When most countries are introducing stringent immigration policies, Canada has once again demonstrated their generosity towards immigrants.

Canada’s immigration minister Ahmed Hussen while addressing an audience at the 2018 Canadian immigration summit was quoted as saying “When it comes to the future of immigration to Canada, it’s no longer a question of “why immigration” but “how much”.

Hussen who migrated to Canada as a 16-year-old from Somali as a refugee further reiterates the immeasurable contributions immigrants have brought to Canada. Since 1990 more than six million immigrants have arrived in Canada and their contribution to the economic, economic, social, and cultural contribution to the Canadian economy is enormous.

UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi poured encomium on the flexible Canadian immigration policies which have helped thousands of displaced people around the world.

The new Canada immigration plan targets to admit 350,000 immigrants in 2019 and over 700,000 in the following two years. However, generosity towards immigrants is not Canada’s only allure, often referred to as the most liveable country, Canada offers world-class cosmopolitan cities and green lifestyle, multiculturalism and the unprecedented hospitality are Canadian signature, a proud cape every Canadian adorn.

Canada’s Aging Population

Immigration is key to tackling the aging Canadian population and low fertility rates as proposed by experts and social commentators.

In the 1880s the fertility rate in Canada was considerably high, owing to the influence of religion and unavailability of reliable contraceptive. Though larger families leveraged on their number for economic prosperity.

The beginning of the 21st century saw a decline in fertility rate, largely to factors which include, urbanization and the cost of childbearing which became increasingly high.

The Great Depression of 1929 to 1939 caused a lot of stringency and upheaval which was immediately followed by World War II which generated uncertainties that saw Canadian fertility rate fall to 2.64 children per women on average.

Canadian largest generation the ‘Baby Boomers’ are already nearing retirement or already retired and there is an urgent need for the younger generation to fill up the vacuum and contribute to the workforce and economy of Canada.

With an aging population, Canada’s healthcare and public pensions bear the brunt of labor shortage, this could mean an increase in taxes.

Canada’s immigration policy encourages young, vibrant working-age immigrants who will invariably contribute to the economic and cultural growth of Canada.

With the help of immigration and enough working-age immigrants, Canada’s economy will keep waxing stronger.

Good News For Immigrants

Canada’s flexible immigration policies and robust economy is a haven for immigrants who seek quality and affordable lifestyle, with the aging problem lurking, immigrants who are deemed qualified by the Canadian authorities are expected to curb this dilemma.

The three-year immigration plan to admit over 1 million immigrants offers huge opportunities for prospective immigrants. Though the Canadian immigration process is onerous, this offers plenty of opportunities to plan and prepare for your next big move to the Home of Lakes.

Useful Tips

Upgrade Your Education/Skills: Canada’s workforce is highly educated and productive if your academic credential assessment is unfavorable, do not despair, get professional help and try again.

Age Factor: If your age is between 18 to 30 this is a great time to move to Canada. Canada is seeking ways to curb the aging problem, and immigration is one approach that has had a tremendous effect on the Canadian economy and history.

Note: Do not be discouraged if your age falls above the range, age is just one determining factor, you can improve on other factors that can boost your chances of migrating to Canada.

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