Do You Know Immigrants Out-Earn U.S. Born In These States?

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Immigration is an integral part of the United States, with the highest number of immigrants in the World, over 47 million immigrants reside in the United States according to the 2015 census.

It is interesting to note that most Americans trace their ancestry outside the United States.

Arguably Immigrants has contributed significantly to the economic, cultural and historical development of the United States, making the United States the most diverse country in the World.

Legal immigration to the United States has increased significantly over the years, it is estimated over 1 million people immigrate to the United States yearly.

The American dream is a major factor the United States became the destination hub for immigrants. The enabling and thriving environment in the U.S. where hard work and resilience is rewarded with success became a magnet for immigrants.

The American dream is a society based on equality echoed by the declaration of independence which clearly states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

There is no dearth of reasons why the United States is beloved by everyone

  • A Trillion Dollar economy
  • World power and
  • Freedom of association and belief are among reasons migration to the “land of milk and honey.” is increasing significantly.

Immigrants Resilience

Most immigrants who move to the United States in search of greener pastures where mostly unskilled, and illiterate but with unyielding resilience, they slowly climb up the ladder of success.

In their quest for economic prosperity, immigrants work multiple jobs and shifts, most immigrants engage in jobs many Americans consider demeaning.

Some of the great inventions and innovations can be linked to the brilliance of immigrants.  Foreign-born workers hold a commanding percentage of workers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths.

Prominent high-tech companies such as Google, Yahoo, Youtube, and eBay have significant immigrants contribution.

Despite immigrants enormous contributions to the economic growth of the United States, the median income of a U.S. born is much higher than immigrants in over 40 states of the United States including Washington DC.

Income Differences

Earnings by households headed by the U.S. born as compared to a household headed by foreign-born is disproportionate according to a 2015 American Community Survey. According to the survey, the median annual income of U.S. born in Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Utah was at least $16,000 more than households headed by foreign-born. Although the gap varies across the over 40 states and in some states the gap is reversed, favoring the foreign-born immigrants.

States With Higher Immigrants Earnings Than U.S. Born

The average median income of a household headed by foreign-born immigrants is higher in these five states which include:

Mississippi: Mississippi is a diverse and thriving state. Immigrants constitute 2% of the population. making significant contributions to the state. Foreign-born immigrants make $1,582 more than the U.S. born in the state.

Virginia: Virginia has a considerable percentage of immigrants, immigrants make up 12% of the entire population. In Virginia, the foreign-born household median income is $7,935 higher than the U.S. born households. Virginia has the highest earning gap between immigrants and U.S. born households.

West Virginia: Immigrants comprise nearly 8% of people working in the education field. Immigrants make up 2% of the entire population in the state. The average income of foreign-born immigrant is $6,792 higher than the average income of the U.S. born household.

Michigan: Immigrants constitutes 7% of the state’s population, contributing significantly to the economic, and diverse cultural development of the state. Foreign-born immigrants earn $1,249 higher than the U.S. born households.

Delaware: Roughly 9% of the state’s population is foreign-born. Immigrants contribute significantly to the economy of the state. Foreign-born immigrants earn $1,299 more than U.S. born households.

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