How And When To Get Your Authenticated Or Certified Passport

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There are two possible meanings of a certified or authenticated copy, a customary certified duplicate(copy) and a genuine certified photocopy. A Traditional/customary authenticated duplicate is a photocopy of a document that has been endorsed by an expert.

A genuine authenticated duplicate is a photocopy of a document issued by the government administration office who initially issued the document.

A unique and original document is the first duplicate or copy given to you by the government administration office recording the occasion or function, (for example, a birth or marriage), an adjustment in status, (for example, an endorsed immigration application), and so forth.

There are two duplicates of the original document; one is for the government office issuing the document and the other one is given to you. The original documents given to you are not replaceable.

This implies that when your original documents are lost, stolen, or destroyed, there is no real way to get another one. When you lose the original, it could be supplanted only by an officially sanctioned certified duplicate, a genuine authenticated copy.

The CIC characterizes a customary authenticated duplicate as a duplicate that has been certified by any of these experts; Professional Accountant, Commissioner of vows, Dentist, Funeral executive, Professional Engineer, judge, Lawyer and so on.

An authentic genuine duplicate of a Canadian travel document, which incorporates international IDs, is a proliferation of part of your travel document that has been:

  • Approved by an officer against the electronic international ID record
  • Authenticated as a genuine and certified duplicate of the original
  • Dated
  • Sealed or stamped by the Passport Program

How would I obtain a Certified and authenticated duplicates of my Passport or travel document?

To obtain original and certified genuine copies of your Canadian international ID/passport or travel document you must:

  • Complete the necessary Request for obtaining a certified copy of Canadian travel document
  • Present the finalized form to a Passport Agency or a Government of Canada agency overseas alongside the passport or travel document to be authenticated. Ensure your visa or travel document is endorsed.
  • Pay all the required charge

Validating a document is free. It demonstrates that the signature, the rank of the authority or person and the seal on an original document is authentic. Different purviews or nations will accept your certified document as an original and authentic duplicate.

When is the right time to get a Certified and Original copy?

Many firms and Organizations may approach you for an affirmed genuine duplicate of your Canadian international ID or travel document.

You can request a certified genuine duplicate of your visa or travel document whenever you wish. This implies you can request an affirmed genuine duplicate when you’re applying for another visa or travel document.

You’ll get your certified genuine duplicate alongside your new international ID or travel document.

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