How to Become a Certified Gas Technician in Ontario

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There are so many skilled trade and jobs in Canada that many do not think of, they are the ones that are more in-demand, have fewer vacant spaces but also lesser competition compared to the popular ones. One from many of this job are Gas Technicians and in Ontario, they are highly demanded and it is very easy to get selected if you meet the skill requirements.

If you check our previous articles, we have always said that one of the fastest ways to become a permanent resident in Canada is by getting a job and having an employer sponsor you to Canada. And the fastest way to get any job whether within or outside Canada is by applying for jobs that are in-demand.

Applying as a Gas Technician in Ontario requires you to obtain a professional certificate, a license to work in such Trade, and also meet the requirements to work in Canada. We will talk briefly about the certification and procedures to become certified in Canada as a Gas Technician. There three main levels of licensing in Canada the level 1 or G1, level 2 or G2, and level 3 or G3.

Getting Certified as a Gas Technician

Getting certified means having proper training and knowledge about the particular job field. The standard of operation and certification is determined by the Technician Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) located in Ontario. They are responsible for ensuring that the safety and protection of the general public in Ontario from bad or uncertified workers are upheld. They are also responsible for setting up policies for different skill trades, ensuring that professionals or workers are properly educated, and they punish those who fall short of any of the policies or standards for operation in Canada.

Now, let’s discuss the levels involved, their different meaning, and how they operate. You are required to write an exam to receive a certificate for each level you attain, and you will be certified by TSSA as a gas technician in accordance with the levels. You need to also score a minimum of 75% for each exam you sit for in other to get certified.

Certification for Level 3 or G3

This is the first-level certification. It is the basic certificate to obtain as a gas technician and the program usually takes about 12 weeks and within which time you will be thought

  • How to safely handle propane and natural gas
  • How to work with fasteners, hand tools, and power tools
  • installation codes and regulations
  • interpreting technical manuals, specs, graphs, etc.
  • introduction to gas appliances
  • introduction to piping and tubing systems and more.

Certification for Level 2 or G2

This is a more advanced stage for the gas technicians. Get a G2 certificate allows you to work under no supervision. You can legally take up jobs in Canada because by now you will have the proper skill to work with any tool, install, and repair a natural gas. The exam to attain the certificate for this level will take about 480 hours and you will be taught the following topics

  • Advanced Piping And Tubing
  • Understanding A Building As A System
  • Domestic And Non-Vented Appliances
  • Gas Metres And Pressure Regulators
  • Basic Electricity
  • Controls (Mechanical And Electronic)
  • The Building As A System
  • Domestic And Non-Vented Gas Appliances
  • Meters, Pressure Regulators And Fuel Containers
  • ¬†Domestic Gas Fired Refrigerators
  • Conversion Burners
  • Water Heaters And Combination Systems
  • Forced Warm Air Heating Systems
  • Hydronic Heating Systems
  • Space Heaters And Decorative Gas Appliances
  • ¬†Venting Practices
  • Water Heaters And Combo Systems
  • Forced Warm Air Heating Systems
  • Hydronic Heating Systems
  • Mechanical And Electric Controls

Certification for Level 1 or G1

When you have reached this level of certification as a Gas Technician, then you can confidently become a supervisor and properly manage a Gas plant or firm legally. This is the highest level for this Skill Trade. The program and training usually take anywhere between 500 to 700 hours, and you must show proof that you have attained the G3 and G2 certificates. You should also have at least two years of working experience as a G2 before you can apply.

How To Become A Gas Technician in Canada
  1. If you want to pursue a career as a Gas Technician in Canada, you must first find a Trade School in Canada and apply. If you are outside Canada you can also do that online.
  2. Start with the G3 training program
  3. Pass the TSSA exam for G3 and get the certificate
  4. You can then begin working under supervision in Canada, then gain the experience
  5. You can now proceed to work as a G2 technician in any field of your choice.

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