How to start a blog in Nigeria

How to start a blog in Nigeria?

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The best way to start a blog is to first understand how blogging works, understand your aim also!

Most people blog because they want to make money, others do so because they wanna communicate, to share relevant and helpful information to anyone that cares to read

However, let’s not forget that in this year 2022, whatever business you decide to venture into should be such that would bring something to complement your little efforts and so, blogging could be that side hustle and sometimes matures to a major hustle!

There are a good number of successful blogs in Nigeria. Blogs like Linda Ikeja, Bellanaija, Nairaland (a forum site) ogbongeblog, guardianconstructors have actually existed for several years now and have become a main source of income to the owners.

How to start a blog in Nigeria in 2022?

  1. Chose your Niche carefully; In order to make money in blogging, you have choose a niche that you can flow easily with. This is more like saying you have to ensure you chose a career that meets your passion. If you’re good in sharing agro related information, tips and how to’s, then your niche should be agriculture.

Choosing a very accurate niche would allow you to share so much info that would enable your audience want to always check back for more

2. Write a few contents:

after choosing a niche, write a few articles or content on some hot topic. For instance, if you’re an aggro blogger, sharing useful information that could help a poultry farmer rear his birds without the death of His birds would be very useful which means he’ll keep coming for more interesting tips!

3. Choose a CMS platform:

Cms stands for Content management system. Content management systems are much as we have WordPress (Most popular), Blogger (Cheapest), Drupal, PBN

Now, whichever platform you choose, there would be a need for a hosting plan, a domain name, and SSL so these are the major cost you may encounter while setting up your blog. I also recommend you watch a number of YouTube videos on how to set up a blog on any of the platforms you’ve chosen as this would help you avoid hiring Someone to help you set up a blog!

4. Chose a Hosting Plan:

After you chose a hosting plan, the next step is understanding How to Build a Blog in 2022 (Complete Guide).

5. Publish your content:

after setting up your blog. Create content by publishing the articles you’ve written, share the URL or permalink with friends on social media after hitting the publish button

6. Submit your blog to Search Console:

Google search console is what makes it possible for bloggers to submit their blog to the biggest search engine in the world “Google”, though there are other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc your blog would actually stand a better chance of reaching more people when it’s submitted on search console.

Well. I cannot write everything here but what I’ve written so far should get you up and running.

However, after you’ve created your blog. The next thing to do is to try as much as possible to make money from it!

You can make money from your blog by selling digital products such as ebooks, Applying for AdSense which pays you whenever a viewer clicks on displayed ads, affiliate marketing which pays you whenever a visitor performs some set actions

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