How You Can Check Your Canada Immigration Status In 2021

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If you have already applied for the Canada Immigration program and you are yet to know where you stand, there are different options for you to check your immigration status.

Depending on the immigration program you applied for, you can check your status online by using IRCC’s (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) e-Client online application tool on their website. You can also do it by phone, calling IRCC’s on their number.

You can manually calculate the number of days it would take to be ready from the day you applied. You can also send a request to IRCC directly to obtain your status.

What did you apply for?

The immigration applications are:

  • We have federal experienced/skilled workers’ application program
  • Canada Experience Class
  • Federal experienced/skilled trades
  • Nominee program by Provinces in Canada
  • Caregivers
  • A temporary resident permits
  • Quebec-selected experienced/skilled workers
  • Philanthropic and sympathetic cases
  • Quebec businesspersons
  • Protected persons
  • Quebec venture capitalist
  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program
  • Independent persons
  • Start-up visas

How to Check Your Status Online

The IRCC has a tool available on their website with which you can check your status, the problem is that it is not available to all the applicants.

Well, it all depends on the application you are applying for which would determine if you are eligible to access the tool.

Some of the applications that are eligible for the tool are:

  • Sponsorship Application for all the categories
  • Application for a permanent residence in Canada for philanthropic and sympathetic cases;
  • Application for a permanent residence for those outside Canada all category/cases
  • Application for permanent residence from those staying in Canada for all the category/cases
  • Application for PRC (Permanent Residence Card).
  • Application for Temporary Residence, refugees (those who are eligible) and Citizenship (searching for citizenship records not included) for all categories.
  • Applications that are ineligible to use the online application status checker tool are:
  • Application for any of the immigration documents such as status verification, making alterations, and adjustments of documents; and also request to modify your record of confirmation of permanent residence.
  • If you are searching for your citizenship records or results.

Important note:

when you check your status online, you must have these pieces of information available:

  • Your identification number
  • Your name, First and Last name is inclusive.
  • Date of birth and place of birth.
  • Check Your Status With a Phone Call

An easier and simpler method to check your status is a phone call to IRCC centre using 1-888-242-2100, but this number is hard to reach if you are staying outside Canada and only north Americans have access to this number.

Another problem with this method is the long menu system which could be quite difficult if you are not sure of what you calling for and you also have to be sure of what IRCC identifies your application as or the name the application is called else, you might never get through to an operator.

The call centre is usually very busy and the can make you wait for hours which is sometimes annoying. you might be disconnected if it takes too long.

If you eventually get through to an operator, you’d be asked a series of questions to prove that you are who you are. you will also need your UCI number or your application number.

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