How You Can Replace A Stolen Or Lost PR Card

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Before you apply for a Permanent Resident Renewal, you should apply for an initial Permanent Resident Card as an immigrant. Permanent Resident Cards are immigration IDs that provide non-Canadian citizens with the right to live and work in Canada indefinitely.

PR Card is a very vital identification document that enables you to enter and leave Canada. Without it, you may experience a number of significant issues, as well as being unable to travel in and out of Canada.

Your PR Card is your official, government-recognized proof that you simply are a permanent resident living in Canada. Your PR card must not be invalid when you show it.

If your card expires, you’ll apply for a brand new one. you’re still a permanent resident if your card expires.

Lost PR Card

If by chance you lost your PR Card you must report the card as lost to IRCC immediately, to stop any potential fraud. you may have to be compelled to complete the “Solemn Declaration regarding a Lost, taken or Destroyed or never Received Permanent Resident Card” at the period when you replace your PR Card. you’ll justify how have you lost it.

Stolen PR Card

In a case that your PR Card was stolen, you need to report the incident to the local police as quickly as possible. When the incident has comprehensively been reported to the police, you also need to inform IRCC immediately. If you’re unsure, report it lost instead, as this might prevent a great deal of trouble.

How To File a Police Report

For you to report your card as stolen to IRCC, you will need to file a police report that it absolutely was stolen before you replace your PR Card. However, you filing a police report depends mainly on your location.

In Canada, there are basically four completely different levels of police and the level of police that serves your community is decided by the province or territory and the government (municipality or region).

In a case where you have in your community a municipal law enforcement agency (for example, provincial capital Police Service), you could file the report with them.

But in the absence a municipal law enforcement agency your community but however has a regional law enforcement agency (for example, Peel Regional Police), you should file the report with them.

If your community has neither a municipal law enforcement agency or a regional law enforcement agency, and you reside anyplace within Canada, then you can file your report with the RCMP.

Many police agencies currently settle for police reports through special on-line filing forms (not by email) additionally to by phone and face to face.

How to Replace Your Missing PR Card

Do the following:

If you remember your PR Card digits or number (i.e. if you wrote it down), enter it within the first box in section G.

You will also put the date you had issues with your PR Card, if you remember it, within the box next to the primary box. The date is strictly 5 years before your card would have been expired.

On consequent line, indicate whether or not the card was lost, stolen or by some means destroyed (cut up, for example) and where that happened and when.

You should be as clear as you can imagine if you are explaining the circumstances. as an example, if you report your purse was stolen, then, you must justify how it happened and where.

For the last field, indicate if you have gone searching for your lost card, or reported it stolen to the police. Attach a replica of the police report if applicable.

And Do not fail to remember to sign and date the declaration!

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