Job Opening for Dishwashers At Revera Inc In Toronto Canada

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If you feel you can responsibly wash bulk dishes without damages, and you want to work in Canada, then you have an opportunity to apply for a job at Revera Inc located in Toronto Canada. The company offers opportunities for both full-time and part-time employment, students, volunteer positions as well, etc. they also ensure that their staff is properly rewarded for dedicated service.

Job Description

Language: English: Terms of Employment: Full-time or Part-time

Minimum Educational Requirement: None

Company: FAB Restaurant Concepts Inc.

Location: Toronto, ON

Estimated Salary: $21,000 – $30,000 a year

Job Summary: Wash and clean tableware, pots, pans, and cooking equipment. Keep the dish room and equipment clean and organized.

Working As Dishwasher in Canada

Dishwashing is a very common occupation in Canada. It is very much open to both citizens and immigrants including those who currently reside outside Canada. The areas where more demands for immigrants are very high are cities where big eateries restaurants, hotels, and other big firms are located. You can find the most demand for dishwashers in cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Mississauga, Brampton, Ontario, and many more across Canada

Dishwashing occupation does not require you have any special skills (aside from knowing how to wash dishes properly) or certificate. The main requirement is that you have a valid work permit that allows you to work legally in Canada. Although, international students looking for part-time jobs or full-time, or holiday jobs may not be required to obtain an extra work permit because they are allowed to work while studying which is some of the benefits that come with studying in Canada.

If you are outside Canada, you can start your immigration journey today and become a dishwasher in Canada in 6 months. You can apply for this job online via the link provided below you.

Duties of a Dishwasher in Canada

Some of your Major duties are:

  • To help load, unload, and run the dish machine.
  • Wash and keep all the tableware and kitchenware clean.
  •  Monitor and maintain dish machine water temperature to ensure it washes properly.
  • Keep the dish room clean and organized.
  • Maintain adequate levels of clean tableware for the dining room and kitchen.
  • Be able to use dishwashing equipment and machines properly.
  • To help clean different kitchen equipment such as blenders, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.;
  • To ensure that you maintain a clean cooking area, including work table surfaces, stoves, ovens, grills, food storage room, and exhaust hood, etc.;
  • To damp mop floors;
  • To attend proper training to learn things about dieting and how to serve different diets in the firm or restaurant.

Minor duties may include the following:

  • To work as a team and work in delicate positions were trust and secrecy are the watchword
  • Attend staff meetings and note changes that will take effect in the company.
  • To participate in quality and other improvement programs.

Requirements to Work as a Dishwasher in Canada

  • You do not any previous restaurant experience
  • You should be fit enough to lift items, bend, stoop, or reach for objects.
  • You will mostly likely stand for hours washing dishes and performing other tasks, so you should be able to stand for a long period.

How to Apply as a Dishwasher in Canada

To apply you should apply online using the link provided below.

Click Here

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