Provincial Nominee Programs Currently Accepting Candidates With Low CRS Points

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The system adopted by the Express Entry Pool is scoring candidates and ranking candidates against one another.

Since there are so many applicants entering the pool each year, the competition to be nominated by the Canadian province becomes very intense every year.

It is no longer news that you must acquire high Comprehensive Ranking Score to be eligible for a nomination.

Many of the applicants who do not receive an invitation to apply will have to try again if the desire is still there. if you are going to apply again or it’s your first, you must make the same mistakes over and over again.

Tips to Help Improve Your CRS:

Improving in vital things such as language proficiency will do a lot for your profile you can also;

  • Secure a job offer
  • Apply to Canadian school or
  • Improve your credentials if necessary.
  • Apply directly in a Provincial Nominee Program.

Getting an employment offer from a Canadian employer gives you an edge over other candidates. Candidates with an acceptable job offer will be given 200 CRS point, which is a big boost for your Express Entry Points.

Another factor you should consider is the Language test. Canada recognizes IELTS for candidates who want to get certificates to prove their English Language proficiency.

Getting a good English or French score could bolster you Express Entry points. If you scored low in your previous test, then you must work on improving your score.

You could also learn French because having good knowledge of the two official languages can earn you extra points.

Obtaining an admission from a Canadian school could also do the magic. This would help earn you extra points provided that the school is a Designated Learning Institution.

Other Ways You Can Improve Your Score

Candidates who have siblings or spouse in Canada will get extra CRS score if the sibling or spouse is a permanent resident or citizen in Canada.

Siblings who are related by blood or adoption and married couples or common-law partners can sponsor.

They can sponsor provided they currently leave in Canada and meet all the requirement for sponsorship. An additional 15 CRS points are added to their Express Entry Points.

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