Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program 2021; How To Apply

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Saskatchewan is a region in the extremely focal point of Canada that has a blasting economy because of a wealth of minerals, oil, gaseous petrol, and potash.

With well-disposed populations, a sensible and affordable cost of living, a lot of employment opportunities, with plenty sunshine every year than some other Canadian region, Saskatchewan is a very famous place for new Canadians to settle.

The most straightforward approach to move to Saskatchewan is with a PNP inside the Express Entry Canada immigration system.

What is the SINP?

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), overseen by the territory of Saskatchewan in accordance with the Canadian government.

The SINP is a standout amongst the best immigration programs in Canada that recommends the best candidates to the government of Canada (IRCC) for permanent residency.

Eligibility Requirements

As an aspirant, you could apply under the SINP International Skilled Worker Category without an employment offer in Saskatchewan that is only if you live outside of Canada or you have a verified lawful status in Canada and you meet these basic criteria:

  1. Score at least 60 points out of 100 on the point calculation grid.
  2. Have a base or a least language score of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4. If it’s not too much trouble Note: CLB 4 is the base; managers and administrative bodies may require higher language scores.
  3. Have finished at least one year of college education or training which is tantamount to the Canadian learning system and has brought about a degree, a diploma, certificate, or any other identical or equivalent certificate that can prove your claim.
  4. Have at least one-year paid working experience in the previous ten years identified with your field of education or training.
  • The work experience you mentioned must be in a high skilled occupation (NOC “0”, “A” or “B”) which is viewed as in-demand in Saskatchewan.
  • In the event that your work experience is in an occupation that is controlled in Saskatchewan and requires compulsory (necessary) documentation or authorizing, you may be required to get evidence of eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure to have the capacity to work in that occupation before you apply to the SINP.
  1. Have evidence of settlement resources and a settlement plan.

Here is the stepwise procedure to apply in SINP

It is possible to apply in SINP online but you must reference all your key information, for example, age, educational qualification, work experience, and so forth. But in the event that your profile is chosen, you will get a selection endorsement from the territory or Province itself.

The selection certificate makes you qualified to apply for permanent residency to Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The IRCC audit and check your assignment just as visa application and if everything is discovered right, an endorsement is issued for your Permanent residency visa.

It is a two-stage Immigration Process

Stage 1: Apply online to the SINP for selection.

The SINP audits your application; and, when they are done and everything looks good the application is approved, the SINP will:

  • send a selection document to Immigration Refugee Citizenship and Immigration Canada (IRCC);
  • Furthermore, send an assignment letter to you disclosing how to present an application to IRCC.

Stage 2: After you have received a selection letter or certificate from the SINP, apply to the IRCC Centralized Intake Office (CIO) with your SINP nomination for Permanent Residency arrangement.

  • View IRCC’s application procedure for permanent residency for provincial or regional nominees.
  • IRCC considers your application after they get the selection documents from the SINP; and,
  • IRCC checks for your health, security, and delinquency audits and checks other forbidden and inadmissibility provision in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) before issuing permanent occupant visas to you and your family members

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