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McMaster University is one of the best research universities in Canada. The university is dedicated to producing quality graduates and implanting in them the potentials to excel anywhere in the world. They among the top 4 universities in Canada constantly ranked among the top hundred in world rankings due to great academic and research excellence, as evidence to great academic learning they offer, great Alumni and students have made it to awards and prizes and they include three Nobel Prize winners, global business leaders, technological innovators, prominent politicians, public intellectuals, philanthropists and performers.

Currently, the number of students in McMaster includes 21,441 undergraduate students, 3,519 graduate students, 1,413 full-time faculty, and 170,654 alumni, based in 137 countries worldwide. Not only does the school provide great academic learning to students, but there are also funding opportunities available to international students at the university.

International students are eligible to apply for international scholarships and awards at the university. They may also be automatically considered for different entrance scholarships at the university. There different scholarships opportunities and they are easily categorized as follows:

Entrance Scholarships

These are scholarships provided to international students when they begin or gain admission in the university for the first. The scholarship is mostly on the basis of academic performance and merit-based. You may/not be required to submit a separate application for this type of scholarship depending on the scholarship provided.

In-course awards

These are course scholarships that may be provided by individual faculties in the university. The scholarship is mostly renewable but will be based on the GPA of the student. You will require at least a cumulative GPA of 8.0 on at least 18 graded units, and for those determined by fall-winter average require at least an average of 9.5 on at least 18 graded units.

Community Contribution Awards

This is a non-monetary award offered to students who are involved in different community services at the university. The award is added to your transcript as your extracurricular work for the community and also shows your involvement and dedication to community growth.

Travel and Exchange Awards

Awards for travelling and exchange students who wish to travel the world or even travel to the school for studies.

Awards for Graduating Students

This scholarship fund is awarded to only students who are in their graduating year at the university. If you are graduating this year by spring/summer then you should apply by April 29, but if you are graduating by winter/fall then you are to apply after graduation.

Specialty Scholarships

Many scholarships fall under this category. These are the different undergraduate and graduate scholarship programs for students who secure admission into the university.

The McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill

Scholarship value: Tuition and fees for applicants who are eligible for a master’s or professional program and a living stipend of $2,000 per month during academic terms

Renaissance Award

Scholarship Value: Eligible applicants will receive Up to $25,000 for a 4- to 12-month self-directed enrichment experience

Rhodes Scholarship

Scholarship Value: Eligible applicants will receive at least $50,000/year for tuition, fees, living expenses

Killam Fellowship

Scholarship Value: Eligible applicants will receive Up to $10,000 USD, plus a health insurance allowance

Project Hero

Scholarship Value: Eligible applicants will receive Tuition waiver + residence (double room) and a regular meal plan at McMaster covered

The Schulich Leader Scholarships

Scholarship Value: Eligible applicants will receive $100,000 or $80,000 to pursue an undergraduate degree in an eligible STEM program.

The Wilson Leadership Scholar Awards

Scholarship Value: Eligible applicants will receive $20,000 in direct and $5,000 in experiential funding

External Scholarships

These type of scholarship opportunity is not directly provided by the university, they are funded by organizations, governments, cultural groups, foundations, religious groups, etc.) and companies often offer scholarships.

Dig – BIPOC Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

  • Requirements: Applicants are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and above, and then submit a 500-word essay or short video explaining their interest in a career in consumer insights.
  • Scholarship Value:  $4,000 and a 3-month offer of paid employment either between academic years

Haywood Hunt & Associates Scholarship Program

  • Requirements: Applicants are required to Submit a short essay
  • Scholarship Value:  $1,250

The Stantec Equity & Diversity Scholarship Fund

  • Requirements: eligible to applicants who identify as historically underrepresented, Black, Indigenous, and person of color (BIPOC) studying in the science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) fields.
  • Scholarship Value: between $1,500 and $10,000 and up to 10 internship opportunities.

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