The Importance Of Confirmation Of Permanent Resident Canada

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After you have gotten an endorsement or approval on your Permanent Resident application, you will be issued the “Affirmation of Permanent Residence” certificate from a Canadian department or visa office outside Canada.

The Confirmation of Permanent Residence, combined with a Permanent Resident Visa counterfoil will be put in your international ID (Passport) or travel Documents. The two documents must be exhibited or shown to the officer at a Port of Entry so as to finish the preparation for your permanent residency to Canada.

The Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) record will contain a photograph of you and a small box which would carry your signature that must be finished upon your entry into Canada under the directives of the officer.

At the time when you are applying to become a permanent resident at a port of Entry and you have in possession your Confirmation of Permanent Residence, the officer will guarantee that the bio information recorded on the Confirmation of Permanent Residence form coordinates the data in your international ID or travel documents. In situations where an administrative blunder has been made, the document ought to be corrected to make it correspond with the bio information in the international ID or travel document.

It is essential that you guarantee that both your international ID and the Confirmation of Permanent Residence has your right data. On the off chance that this isn’t in this way, you should inform the officer so as to make the necessary corrections. if this isn’t done, you will experience issues for any future immigration procedures, for example, applying for your Canadian Citizenship.

What will I need my confirmation of Permanent Resident document for? Immigration

When you come to Canada, as a permanent inhabitant out of the blue, you should demonstrate your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) to an immigration officer at the port of section.

Essential Documents

You can likewise utilize your CoPR record to apply for a Social Insurance Number when you initially arrive.

Social Benefits

When you apply for Old Age Security Pension (OAS) you can utilize guaranteed duplicates of your CoPR archive or Record of Landing as “Evidence of Canadian Legal Status”.

What if I lose my CoPR document?

If you misplace your Confirmation of Permanent Resident document or any Record of Landing you will have no choice but to apply for an Authentication of Landing document. This procedure could take some time so it’s best if you plan carefully if you need a replacement.

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