Things You Should Be Aware Of Before Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

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Immigration application could be frustrating when your application is denied.

It is often advised to acquire the services of a professional immigration lawyer to speed up the application process and save you time and stress, but unfortunately, Immigration fraud is a serious threat for prospective applicants.

Some fraudulent lawyers delay the application process so they can charge you more and invariably waste your time and valuable resources.

This article highlights pertinent questions that must be satisfied before you hire an immigration lawyer.

1. Qualifications:

The lawyer must be a graduate from a reputable law school and have an impressive reputation from their provincial law association. You can also juxtapose the information on the province bar association website.

2.Years Of Practise:

In-depth knowledge of Canadian law should not be criteria but years of experience in practicing Canadian law, this can make a huge difference in the lawyer’s ability to represent you.

3. Similar case:

It is imperative to know if your lawyer has handled a unique case like yours. Asking if your lawyer has handled a case like yours is a step in the right direction.

You may have a case like inadmissibility, ensure he has handled such cases before.

4. Billing And Mode Of Payment:

Your lawyer should present to you in clear terms a contract that explains your expected charge and services you will be rendered.

However, you still need to be involved in your application process. No one will take your language test for you.

Your lawyer should provide a detailed information of the process of your application so you know what is expected of you.

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