What to Expect at the Canadian Port of Entry

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What is a Port of Entry?

Port of Entry is a location that all visitors, citizens, or foreigners must pass through when they arrive in Canada either by air, sea or road.

A port of entry is a place either an airport, seaport etc that has been designated by the Canadian government as an entry point to Canada. Assuming you are headed for Winnipeg but you arrived at Vancouver first, then your Port of Entry is the International airport in Vancouver.

When you arrive at the Port of Entry you will be asked to provide some documentation for examination and probably be asked few questions to make sure that you are who you claim to be and also to check if you are eligible to enter Canada. You will definitely be turned back if the documents you provided are false or they are not legal documents.

You will likely meet an officer (usually a Border Service Officer) who will check all your document and if he or she is satisfied that your documents are legal and complete, then, the officer will put a stamp on your passport. Ensure that your passport is stamped before you leave the Port of Entry.

What is required?

  • You are required to have a valid Passport and other documents
  • A letter of introduction which you received from a visa office or a Canadian embassy when you obtained your study permit.
  • Your valid temporary resident visa (if necessary).
  • A valid ETA(Electronic Travel Authorization. If necessary).
  • A proof to show you meet the low minimum income requirement.
  • A Port of Entry letter
  • A health insurance document
  • A departure ticket from Canada
  • Two copies of the list of your personal item and how much they are worth.
  • You will be required to answer some questions

What to Expect at the PoE

  • As an international student both new and returning, you are not guaranteed access into Canada unless you have been properly cleared by the officer at the PoE.
  • You will be checked for eligibility, the Genuity of your documents will also be assessed and an assurance that you have good health plus other valid documents will be checked.
  • The BSO (Border Service Officer) will question your intentions for visiting Canada. If you are a student, the BSO will ask you your intended course of study and your letter of acceptance.
  • You will have to fill a CBSA declaration card if you are going to bring your belongings to Canada which where you’d have to state the items that you are bringing.
  • You’d declare that the goods are not prohibited, will not be used by either by a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, the goods will not be used for business and you will go back to your country with your goods when you return home to your country.

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