Why You Should Consider Moving To Belgium

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So many people have the intention to move to Belgium, but most of them know little or nothing about the country. Different expats moving to the country have little knowledge about the country’s economy, immigration policies, lifestyle, etc.

This article will expose you a little and tell a bit about Belgium, how the citizens there welcome you to their country, and how well to adapt in the country in the event you decide to settle or visit the country.

Belgium is situated in the very heart of Europe. It shares borders with the Netherlands and Germany in the north and the east, also with France and Luxembourg in the west and south respectively. Belgium is at the junction of Germanic and Latin Europe, which is illustrated by its three national dialects: Dutch, French, and German.

Belgium is frequently neglected as a nation of immigration as a result of its size and its less known history of immigration.

However, throughout the most recent three decades, Belgium has turned into a lasting nation of settlement for all kinds of migrants. Immigration, refuge, and amalgamation procedures and policies have ta length been very responsive, responding to situations, as opposed to seeking after a long haul vision.

It is just lately that policymakers have begun to grow new strategies and regulation in a progressively reliable manner. The general assessment has warmed immigration discussions and debates.

Like some other countries, there are some Pros and Cons of that comes with moving to a foreign country:

Some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with Belgium has been listed below for better insight about the country:


Rich social experience

The openness of the three different dialects can prompt improving knowledge and generally enhance the experience.

An astounding open transport system

Belgium has incredible open transport. Pretty much every city can be connected via train in a short measure of time.

Simple local travel

Another advantage of Belgium’s little size and the location is that London, Amsterdam, and Paris can be connected by Thalys or Eurostar under three hours.


Extremely high taxes

Belgium has one of the most elevated amounts of the tax charge on the planet. A personal salary tax charge is from 25 to 50 percent.

Public transport delays

In as much as the public transportation system in Belgium is very cheap, the trains don’t generally arrive at the scheduled time. The delays are mostly not up to ten to fifteen minutes; they should be considered in the event that one is anticipating commute each day.

Property is costly

There is usually a distinct price difference between places and locations, compared to most nations and countries accommodation prices are quite cheap in Belgium, taxes for properties and real estate differ according to locations too.

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